How To Take Pictures Like A Professional + Free Ebook

How To Take Pictures Like A Professional + Free Ebook


Hey Mamas, soo… I created a free E-Book for you on how to take better pictures. A little note on WHY I created it for you, it’s because as Mom’s we have 100 job titles that go into what we do (we’re the family nurse, cook, maid, you get it). For me, I like to continue to learn and better myself. I continue to try new recipes, learn new skills, and I love sharing those with you. We all continue to learn and grow every day but I really like finding the easy ways to do them, to simplify it all. I realized that we take pictures now, almost every day! Don’t believe me, open up your camera roll in your phone. Why not do it better? Then, I realized how many of us Moms are selling things online too- to provide an income for our families. What about that picture of our little one at the playground, why not take that shot better and display it on our walls! That’s why I put this together for you. Why not add photography to our list of super-mom-skills too.


Ok Lemme Tell You About it


Photos tell a story & stop people from scrolling. Amid the algorithms and overflow of posts in our feeds, there is one sure way to get people to


Stop & Pay Attention


Scroll stopping pictures stand out and set you apart. They tell a story and draw us in. It’s because they


Capture Our Senses


Use this mini book to kick start your photog skills. To capture


What Matters Most


This is for you if


+ Want to take amazing pictures for social media that stand out

+ Want to capture the most treasured moments that you are proud to display in your home

+ Need photos to stand out on social to build your business for your family

+ You just want to take pictures like a professional and learn how to do it


Volume 1. Scroll Stopper Photography