Easy & Refreshing Summertime

Watermelon Mint Mojitos


  • Mint – 2 Sprigs, 4 if you’re a mint fiend like me.
  • 1/2 Watermelon (medium sized)
  • Bubbly Strawberry Flavored Water.
  • Vodka – 1 to 2 Oz per glass.



Sometimes you don’t quite have all of the ingredients for a recipe or drink mix. Luckily, you can make quite a few adjustments for this drink.

Mint- If you don’t have a mint plant, you should reconsider that. They’re hardy and easy to keep. If you don’t, you can swap out basil for a more upscale-city flavor. 

Watermelon- The refreshing crisp flavor of this drink changes if you swap out the fruit, but you can try strawberries & cucumber together, or honeydew and extra soda. The watermelon is heavy in water content so make sure to adjust the soda or add additional water-heavy fruit if you make the swap.

Bubbly Strawberry Flavored Water- Honestly you can swap out any flavor. If you have ginger beer, make yourself a watermelon Moscow Mule. If you have sprite, add a bit of water to tone down the sweetness. 

Vodka- It’s alcohol. Easy… pick your flavor. Rum, gin, white wine, tequila. Does it really matter?

Step 1

Scoop out and blend your watermelon. I used my Ninja, use whatever blender or food processor you have. Add 3/4 of your mint and blend in too. Save the remaining mint for garnishes. 

Step 2

This is a per- glass drink mix. Keep your blended watermelon stored in the refrigerator, covered, until you need it. Add 1-2 Oz of vodka per glass, over ice. Top vodka with approx. 1/4 cup watermelon mix. (We have huge glasses so just use your noggin and change it around if your cups are smaller)

Step 3

Top with flavored water. This is a very light, refreshing drink.

Not too sweet, but just a touch of bite from the watermelon. I mixed in

strawberry flavored water for a twist with the mint. 

Oh yeah. Garnish.

Throw on a cube or two of watermelon and mint. Make it pretty.

Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am

I love this drink. It’s mindlessly easy and a great way to impress when you have guests over. 

After all- that’s the whole point. Easy things that make us look really cool but it was just.. easy. Ha. Oh, and it tastes

delicious, light, and refreshing


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