23 Free Learning Website Resources 

Hey mamas, sending my prayers and well thoughts. Right now we are learning a whole new world. Most of us at home with kids for weeks, months, or even the rest of the school year. Many of us are working from home, can’t be home, but are trying to support our children the best we can with their studies. Thankfully, I am surrounded with a ton of teacher mom friends who have given me these resources to share with you.

Below are ALL FREE websites for you to support your kids in home schooling during this Corona Virus Pandemic. 

If you have any other sites you think can help moms, just like you, please email me at chelsey@themamaguide.com . Praying for you all, we will get through this together. As women, we are stronger together. 

1. Brain Pop

Brain Pop is an animated educational site for kids in Science, Math, Social Studies & More. There is a section for older and younger kids. USE CODE BPCVFAFB3

2. Scholastic Home Learning

Scholastic has opened up their learning academy for children during the Corona Virus Epidemic. They have daily learning journeys for students Pre-k – 8th grade +. I really have to hand it to them for making this possible for all families.

3. FunBrain

Fun Brain is the number one site for online educational games for kids of all ages. Math, Grammar, Science, Spelling & History. This is one of my favorites and goes from Kindergarten to 8th Grade. 

4. PBS Kids

Educational games and videos for young children. They are currently offering daily activities and tips to help kids play and learn at home during the Corona Virus Pandemic.

5. Kahoot

Kahoot is a game based learning platform that brings engagement, e-learning and self study everywhere. They cover all topics for all ages.

6. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is probably one you have heard, they teach everything online with expert created courses and content. All levels and all topics. They are currently giving daily schedules for students aged 4-18 and are helping with amazing resources during the COVID-19 school closures. 

7. National Geographic Kids

Easy to read articles, photos and fun games. Topics covering Science & Social Studies for ages 6 and Up.

8. Fact Monster

Fact Monster is a free reference site for students and parents. They help you find facts on thousands of subjects. This is helpful for parents learning what their children are studying so we can best help them. They have flash cards, biographies, games, and more. Subjects include Math, Geography, History, Language Arts, Biology, Physics, & More for all ages.

9. Zearn

A math website created by teachers for students aged K-5th Grade. Thanks to donations, the entire K-5 curriculum is currently free during the Corona Virus pandemic. 


10. Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye website has Science based videos and guides for students of All Ages.


11. Starfall

Early learning for young children in all topics, Pre-k to 3rd Grade. Similar to ABC Mouse but free.



Educational games for grades Pre-K to 6th grade. Keeping kids engaged with fun in topics Math, Reading, Typing and logic games.


13. Cool Math Games

Cool Math Games is a brain training site for all ages. 


14. Mystery Science

Mystery Science offers lessons to excite children age K-5 to inspire their passion in science.


15. Book Creator

Book Creator is a simple tool for kids to create digital books. This is a great way to dive into reading and writing in a fun hands on experience. All Ages.  


16. Duolingo & Duolingo Kids

Duolingo is an app based on language learning. Language learning is known to boost brain power and fantastic for students of all ages. The app based learning is easy with 30 different languages. 

 17. Ken Ken Puzzles 

Ken Ken Puzzles is a site to make your brain stay sharp, especially during the time kids are out of school.

 Ages 8-18.

 18. Math Playground 

Math Playground is a Math site with problem solving learning, logic games, and number puzzles. They walk kids through step by step. Grades 1-6th.

 19. Primary Games

Primary Games is a website featuring action games to learn Math in a fun way. Grades K-8th Grade.

 20. Brain Teasers

Brain Teasers strengthens basic math skills for students of All Ages. 

 21. Education Place

Textbook support and content for learning in All Subjects and grades K-8th Grade. 

 22. Teach Your Monster To Read

Teach Your Monster To Read is a fun award winning site for younger children learn to read and master phonics. Children gain fun prizes for their monster while playing games and learning. Ages Pre-k to 1st Grade.

 23. Math Aids Printable Worksheets


 Math Aids Worksheets provides printable worksheets for K-12th Grade levels to provide you with materials while you are home with children out of school. 


 24. Varsity Tutors Virtual Field Trips & Celebrity Classes

Varsity Tutors now offers free Virtual Field Trips along with Celebrity Classes featuring Mayim Bialik, Julianne Hough, Coyote Peterson and others.