8 Creative Tips for Easy Amazing Halloween Tablescape

I absolutely ADORE all things Fall & Halloween. It’s spooky, cozy, fun, and a little bit magical! Given the world now, and that we just moved to Florida! (More on that to come) We no longer have the backdrop of New England Fall to set the seasonal tone this year. That is why I put together the most magical Halloween tablescape to truly set the tone and transform the house. Plus, these were all affordable, quick, and easy. Enough said right? Onto the tips!

magical floating hats decocrated halloween tablescape easy decor

1. Floating Witch Hats

These spooky floating witch hats are quick and easy! Simply sew the top of the hat to a clear string or fishing line and pin it to the ceiling using thumbtacks. You can purchase a pack of ten Witch Hats on Amazon for $12.99 HERE . I used a clear sewing thread that you can purchase HERE.

magical floating hats decocrated halloween tablescape easy decor

2. Go Classic With A Twist

Skulls and skeletal pieces have always been a Halloween staple, but now it’s time to add a modern spin! Think of using gold skulls, or even velvet covered ones to brighten up your Halloween table. You can purchase this same gold skull HERE for under $15. This beautiful black candleabra is part of the Fall Decocrated 2020 box. HERE

magical floating hats decocrated halloween tablescape easy decor

3. Use Black Cheesecloth For Easy Cleanup Webs

You can get really creative indoors with black cheesecloth in place of messy spider webs. Use them to cover light fixtures, span walls or windows, even across a table as a cloth or runner. Do be careful around light fixtures, never leave them unattended because of fire risks and do not place them directly on light bulbs or over an open flame. Safety first! I purchased a two pack of black cloths HERE for $5.

magical floating hats decocrated halloween tablescape easy decor

4. Hang Seasonal Art

Temporary seasonal wall art is the perfect way to round out the decor in any space. This fall sign is available in the Fall 2020 Decocrated box, if you miss it you may find it available in the future in their members only shop! Skip the nails and use 3M Command strips for easy clean up. Decocrated is the easiest way to refresh your decor through the seasons, this wall art is part of the Fall box HERE .

magical floating hats decocrated halloween tablescape easy decor

5. Faux Florals For Warmth

Though I always prefer fresh flowers, these picks from Hobby Lobby certainly add that perfect fall touch to any Halloween table. Select burnt oranges and dewy yellows for the perfect touch. I also LOVE adding in stems of faux wheat. They last longer, keep their color best too. Pro Tip- these floral stems are on sale every other week at Hobby Lobby so check their sale calendar before you go.

magical floating hats decocrated halloween tablescape easy decor

6. Get Batty – Don’t Skip The Walls

Accent any wall or mantle with these adorable flying vinyl bats! Simply use small stickers to attach the assorted bats to make them appear as they are flying across your spooky space! The perfect touch to any Halloween decor, inside or out (under cover from harsh conditions of course). You can get your own pack of 48 bats HERE for under $7.

magical floating hats decocrated halloween tablescape easy decor

7. Tableware For The Wow Factor

Linens and flatware are the most affordable way to upgrade any tablescape or space. Updating your napkins alone can change the entire mood of a dinner party or decor. These black napkins are available for $11 HERE and the gold flatware/silverware is a great find at Walmart for just $25 HERE  This beautiful candelabra is a part of the Decocrated Fall 2020 box HERE.

halloween tablescape top tips decocrated

8. Create Height- Not Just In The Center

Utilize pieces like floral arrangements, tall vases, candles and more to add height to your tabletop. While the center is the go to for taller arrangements, don’t overlook the edge areas. You can even add multiple tall arrangements down the center of a table, well rounded decor has a variety of groupings and height. My favorite piece here is the vase full of pumpkins, found for under two dollars each at Hobby Lobby. If you use real pumpkins, you can also top the vase with live florals and fill it with water for a dazzling piece.

Most importantly, have fun! Try new things, move stuff around. Go around your house and “shop” the pieces you already have. You never know when you’ll fall back in love or reinvent pieces you already have. 

Need an update or refresher in your home? My favorite easy and affordable way to do just that is with my Decocrated subscription box! You’ll be able to update so many spaces on a budget, plus fill your home with quality pieces for each season and all year long! Checkout DECOCRATED HERE and for $30 off for the year use code CHELSEY30. For $10 off just your first box you can also use code CHELSEY10. Take a sneak peek at all the pieces I used this season from their newest Fall box!

magical floating hats decocrated halloween tablescape easy decor